A Journey of Divorce, Family and Love – Stuck In Love

stuck in love movie

Stuck In Love – A detailed, emotional, and heartfelt journey of parental divorce, exploration of love, and reconnection.
What happens when the parents divorce? We may imagine the first few days, or the first month of the emotional strain, struggles of getting back on the ground. What about the next month, and then the next month, or next year?
For the couple, the influences caused by the separation never leave them. When the wound is not healed, their emotions slowly fade away from the body (The father from the movie). They are left with the empty machine, with the communicating function and sexual drive.There is something always missing in their souls, and at certain moments they can be compelled to go for the craziness just to revivd the glance, or a whisper of the other person.
The sons and daughters may seem the same, yet so different. They have the unanswered question of abandonment (The daughter has a clear and heartening illustration of such impact under mother’s departure from home). There are always having the feelings of loss. Frustration. Anger. Doubt. And deep down is the removal of security provided by the strong parental bond. So fearful, and scared, they can only push away the source of hurt – the parent, and blame the parent for the cause of everything, despite the fact that most separations are the reason of both parties’ involvement. Even the sons/daughters may cling onto the other parent for protection, care, the relationship is never the same anymore either. There is always a gap in between.
And yet these youngers are also searching for their own love, as they grow to become an adult. They may demonstrate it in the most destructive way by putting themselves in the wild wheel of gamble (The daughter’s treatment of relationships, and blocking to her emotional self). They believe that the others could only reach their outer/physical side, and never touch their vulnerable and damaging innerness. Yet what happens when they indeed meets the real love, they are so caught up with the protective mechanism, that they push it away.    Or some choose to distance themselves from the normal social world, in a quiet and hidden way. They begin to appear loveless, or emotionless, until they meet someone who is meant to be for them, yet due to the isolation they have put, they may forget the natural ability to reconnect with their own beat of love, and the ways of showing it (Like the son who grasped the relationship like a drop of water onto the desert, and dismiss what might be right/wrong about the other person).
It all happens in one family. So separate lives we appear to have, yet we are at the same time interconnecting in the most spontaneous way – The father influences the son and daughter, the mother and daughter’s interlocking relationship, and the seemed sibling rivalry and the deeper solid support for each other. This all demonstrates the natural love from a family. A family is the most natural illustration of love, and it sets as a foundation of a person’s individuality, own journey, and the building couple relationships. And the parents are the roots of the growing trees, providing the foundation of love bond, the example of meaning of love, and everything behind it. Without the parental bond itselt, no matter how independent we all seem to be (The mother in Stuck in Love), how successful we have become (The daughter whose book got published), we are still lost, and not complete anymore.
We are all searching for love – the feeling of it, the meaning of it. And as we are stuck in the pain and suffering love has caused us or we cause ourselves for them, somehow family teaches us to slowly turn to the meaning of giving, waiting, forgiving, fighting.
This is the meaning of family. The Process of Love.

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