Another Interesting Chinese Food – Pork Knuckle

braised pork knuckle

Another interesting Chinese Common Food I would like to introduce – Pork Knuckle. Pork Knuckle is more commonly found as one food receipe in the world than Chicken Feet (Germany), and with the similar nutrition.
Pork Knuckle contains the nutrients – the collagen for good tendon repairment, muscle and skin tone. 
In the Chinese receipe, pork knuckle is often cooked in Ginger Stew style for women to recover from pregnancy after they lose large amount of Calcium and protein.
However, unlike Chicken feet which has low fat, the skin of Pork Knuckle also stores much fat, as well as the soft part wrapped underneath the skin.
Tip: Cook in braised way – avoid the calories caused by roasted or fry cooking. Braised cooking also allows us to identify between the fat and tendon part. Only eat the skin and the tendon (the transparent and relatively hard part than the jelly-like fat). Avoid eating the fat.


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