For World Peace, we think about our acts, not the others’.

World Peace_Jul 22 2014The ongoing wars between Gaza and Israel, Ukraine and Russia have claimed many lives, and further intensify the conflicts in between.

Each party has the very own reason to justify the own acts and strong feelings. No one likes to back down and give in, as there are so many own-benefits to protect, so much power to hold on to.

Under the bombarding war, a simple gesture of holding hands can be the most difficult act in the world, as long as there is defense, hatred and egocentrism.

We let ourselves blame others’ faults, because it is the easier way to let ourselves feel better. And because it is the easier way for us to suppress our hidden insecurity that we are no more innocent than those with the problems.

It is only our own grudge we have to confront ourselves with that we can resolve what is happening with the others. Feel our inner courage, and face our own acts instead of the others.
It is only us we can change.

For world peace.


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  1. Thank you @Priya Pareek.

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