I did some cleaning of my room in the last few days and decided to throw away a few bed decorations. Those decos are all over 10 years old, and are covered with dust, mold and probably germs without proper cleaning. I looked at them, and reminded myself how busy I am that there would never be some time that I have regular cleaning care of my room, and thus these objects have to go away.

As my hands grabbed those small objects, a strange sensation came to me – I was really throwing them away. Those objects have really stayed with me for my 10 years of growth. They would not be here from now on…

I eventually bin these decos, and after sometime I probably would not feel strange anymore. Yet at that moment of sitting in front of those decos, I captured the memory, something as part of me.

Memories, the process of welcoming, experiencing, and then letting go.
And then they stay in our hearts as we cherish them.


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