Running Machine, restarting the journey

Yesterday was my first time using the running machine in the physiotherapy trainings.
The physiotherapist guided me to the machine, and pressed the start button. I began walking, and my feet kept bumping with the front. The physiotherapist asked me if I needed to quicken the speed. I gave a free laugh and shared about me being a runner and always did the same a I ran so quick on the machine before.

That sharing directly resonated with my further walking steps. I started to experience pain in my ankle. I felt overwhelmed for the two scenes right in front of me – the energetic and free spirit in contrast to the limpping and helpless body.
My heart felt sore, heavy and I wanted to run away from the once familiar scope now the monster.

I am the same soul, and standing at the same place, yet with the different bodies. I am restarting my journey. The journey of recovery. I wonder if I return to the same original spot, that I would be the same. Or something more – the emotions, the writing, the growth in spirit.

And I work on my physical, and wait in patience in spirit.



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