After a Storm Comes a Calm

After Storm_hope_Aug 25 2014
After the Storm we crawl at the heart of the aftermath. 
Chaos. Chaos. Chaos. 
There is so much destroyed beyond repair. 
So much has lost and gone forever. 
What is left is much more worse to handle. 
The physical damage on us is catastrophic, yet the emotional pain is ever harder to deal with. 
To throw away all the old fond memories which now turn to debris. 
To stop relating to love and closeness which then vanish into mist of air. 
To re-work everything from zero bitterly knowing you had that “everything”. 
Then nature gives us the silent yet breathtaking signal of hope. 
Storm has removed signs of life on the walking streets, and as well washed away the dirt and corrosives. 
It has pulled down the houses, yet has reinforced the solid platform for letting go of the past. 
It has forever taken away the loved people and things, yet it has also granted the life lesson we can never gain on our own.
The turbulence and thick layers of grey in sky is washed away, with only the peaceful, calm and immersing blue remains. 
The warming glitters fall onto the fresh evocative scent of green, into the mushy soil, and gives signs of new life. 
Nature is the ultimate beauty, and at same time the destruction no one can control of. 
It pulls us down to bare survival state, yet it also brings us hope in the most tender way. 
It brings life as well as it kills. 
This is life. 
We are born and we die.
We grow as much as we age. 
We gain and then next we lose. 
No matter what challenges we have, no matter how much we are destroyed and fall, we learn from the nature’s rule. 
We will see the light of hope, and we re-grow. 
We set our feet on the ground, and welcome the Renewed Life. 



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