Hong Kong Fused Bakery


Hong Kong Fused Bakery

The rise of bakery in Hong Kong was probably during the British colonization period in the late 20th century, when western bread was collaborally brought into the local culture.

Today we see the even greater variety of patisserie and bakery within this small big such colorful city. In the more touristic and business areas, bakery business was internationally developed, with the integration of more countries’ flavors, from Japan, to India, and to the other European countries. It is no surprise to see the green tea flavored bread, or the curry buns within one simple store.

Then back to the local suburb area, the local Hong Kong styled bakery stands out with its unique method derived from the Western and Chinese fusion. There are notably a number of bread which cannot be found outside Hong Kong, e.g. the famous egg tart, Pineapple bun, local styled whest and raisen loaf, chicken bread, etc.

Today Hong Kong is no longer part of the UK, yet certain influences still remain within some of the smallest ways. People enter the bakery shops every day for own meals, or family morning food.
For the good things we naturally own, we shall be thankful for the good influence they have put in our lives.

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