The Pruning Seed of Self-Awareness: The Continued Sharing

Clock_Time_Oct 31 2014
   Since the beginning of the academic term, I have enjoyed the time on getting to know the students. In conversations, one of the common questions is naturally derived – “What do you plan to do in the future after studying?”
   I received the different answers, yet those who stay on my mind the most remain as the blank looks of some students. These students do take time thinking through the question, and then replied no consideration, and the intention to kill time for the rest of the academic year.
   I recall the last meeting with a few recent graduates who have entered the full career world. While some could find their own desired jobs, more were still in the journey of confusion and lost. One shared with me that, “A year has passed, I felt as if nothing’s changed. I seem to be the same person before I entered college. Yet I felt as if something’s missing.”
   Time always clicks. We repeat the same old daily routines and work, and think that our life seems unchanged, yet in reality it is not about the unchanged self, yet more about the decline in motivation of heart.
   I come across with many who have mindlessly remained in the same life routine for years: the same aimless job for years or the distant marriage with no communication. Such life pattern seems to have been frozen in time until a point when some realize that such life is not what they wanted. Yet upon that moment their spirits are already drained by the years of decreasing motivation and submerged dissatisfaction/withdrawal, and hence the missing piece of own happiness.
   Have there been any hints or signs of struggle beforehand? Most probably yes in the implicit or subtle way. Yet they are shaken off or neglected as the odds/accidents. Perhaps it is the reason that one does change even under the “same old “repetitive” life”. It is not the life which has changed itself. We do change in time ourselves.
   Therefore, it is important we listen to our hearts. It is true that we progress in our life journey as much as we pause and remain at same spot. I believe that as long as we keep in touch with our innerness, then somehow there is always hope we find the way to where we want.
   Time does pass as we human beings change at all times. May we embrace this with acceptance, and let it be the empowerment of our life journey.
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