Love is All Around Us: Rueibin Chen Piano Concert in Hong Kong in Gratitude to the City’s Support in Kaohsiung Gas Explosion.

Kaohsiung Gas Explosion

“At the end, nothing’s really changed. We cannot return back to the happy naive world where no accident has happened…Yet we learn to accept it. This is life.”

The city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan experienced tragic loss since a series of gas explosions occurred on July 31, 2014. Near 30 lives were forever lost, and the city went through the difficult stage of recovery. Since then the country received international support, particularly Hong Kong city on support and donations. The world-known Taiwanese pianist Chen Ruei-bin wanted to show his gratitude to the city, thus came to Hong Kong to give a special concert.

I was late from work, thus I was only able to catch the second half of the concert. The pianist played the Three Nocturnes by Rachmaninov. Listening to the piece, I closed my eyes, and let my mind drift along the melodies on unfolding the deep messages the pianist attempted to convey: Why did he choose this song? What did he intend to express about his feelings on the tragic accident from the piece of music?

In silence,  the heavy and quiet sense of sadness by the minor key filled the imagining scene. I pictured myself standing in front of the aftermath of the site where the tragedy began. The music went from the absolute softness to the overwhelmingly packed and irritating pattern, like the rising of panic one bear upon the realization of accident happening. A scene of mourning, despair, hopelessness.

Soon, an explosive expression of positivism took over the scene. The place was full with the different supporting voices wanting to add in the rescue and aiding.

Yet after the waves of chaos, gradually the minor key melodies appeared again. In quietness, everything seemed to arrive back to the original point as , resonating with the beginning part. Nothing seemed to have changed – the tragedy was still there, and what was needed to be confronted was the reality of real hard pain. Yet along the melodies realization emerged – life still went on.

At the end, nothing’s really changed. We cannot return back to the happy naive world where no accident has happened. Much work is needed to be done. The people face the brutal reality of healing and moving on.

Yet we learn to accept it. This is life.

And upon the end of the piano piece I bear the heaviness of heart, yet the more determination and empowerment.

Perhaps this is what love is like.

The power of love which drew the different voices to the scene, and in empowerment, the pianist took out his gratitude and hope into action to Hong Kong, and such piece of spirit connects with many hearts in the concert, including me.

I share my learning and understanding with all of you, hoping it brings you empowerment.

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