On Local Football Exploration: Attending to the Unnoticed

Local Football Match
“Everything, big or small, interesting or boring, important or unnoticed, has its own meaning and value, and only if we take time to explore it.”
Recently I was invited to watch a local football match nearby workplace. Football is popular in Hong Kong, with many fans supporting the well known overseas teams/clubs, e.g. Manchester United or Real Madrid. The local football teams/clubs are rather unnoticed and labeled as “lacking professional standard”.

I am no football fan or any player myself. In fact I have never any intention to watch a full match, let alone one played by the “unknown” and unpopular teams. Indeed it is uncommon for one to willingly experience something he/she is not interested in, nor assumingly “not up to standard”. A few years back then if I were invited to watch the similar football match, I would mostly regard such event as “non-relatable to personal interest”, and not worth for “killing time”.

Yet on that night I decided to give it a try. I was curious at my personal experience of the match myself. In the first half of the match, I could hardly focus on the game. From time to time my eyes drifted off from the football field. I looked at the near empty audience stage, and wondered how the players could maintain optimism with the lack of cheers.

I also noticed some back-up players doing warm-ups. I was amazed by their determined looks just to prepare for the very few minutes of performance. I reckon their attitude had an influence on me, as I gradually became more attentive to the game. The moment as one player scored a goal I could not control myself but gave out a loud cheer.

Upon that moment I realized the meaning of a football match. The professional tactics and skills are important, yet the more important gaining I receive is the team’s professional attitude which kept the match going.

From holding an ignorant presumptuous attitude, as I now admit, I took the step out to explore and understand. And I found meaning in the process.

Everything, big or small, interesting or boring, important or unnoticed, has its own meaning and value, and only if we take time to explore it.

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