Balloons mark fall of Berlin Wall

Balloons mark fall of Berlin Wall

The symbol of peace and freedom. These two elements do coexist.

It is easy to forget what has happened to Berlin 25 years ago and before. We shall remember it, that 25 years ago the country was under the aftermath of the second world war.

The pain of living under incompleteness.
The suffering to pay for the debt from war, and knowing there was no end to it.
The desire to reunite with the own people.
The anger and sadness of separation.

I cannot imagine the pain and loss for the Germans back then to live in a country which had to go against each other, and kill as one attempted to cross the Berlin border.

Until 25 years ago as the people fought for their freedom ans finally the wall splitting the country into two was broken down.

Yesterday we celebration the 25th anniversary of the Berlin wall down. And the gratitude and joy stays on in everyones hearts.

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