Helping and Support: What are our Roles?

Equal_Dec 14 2014

“…before we act out our responsibility of the leading/guiding role, we face the students with our eyes seeing them as the same as us, who also need respect and understanding.”    – Tiffany Leung

Working as a counselor in school, I am at times responsible for handling the emergent situations outside the counseling room. Yesterday I encountered a conflict which triggered my reflection on a supporting professional’s role.

I was drawn to a scene during my work at school in which an academic teacher scolded at a student with nasty words. I noticed the student stand with her tense back against the teacher. I decided to interrupt the situation as being aware of not just the crying student’s status, but also the publicity of conflict – other students were frowning at the scene.

It was later found out that the teacher intended to illustrate the influences of one throwing a temper, and thus, in his wording, played a drama: he and another student threw a temper at a targeted student.

I was deeply alarmed by the intention of the teacher’s actions. From my perspective, it can be dangerous as one uses others’ emotions, especially a teenager, for a purpose. There was no consideration of the publicity issue, the targeted student’s psychological status, and a thorough planning of what happened after the drama. I cannot imagine the consequences raised if things went out of hand.

Yet in discussion, the teacher intended to take back his idea of drama. He argued about his mission to be personally involved in what he thought was right for the student on growth and learning, hence his no hesitation to take part in the drama, .

I asked myself, what is more important, growth or health? There has been much media coverage on how the younger generation has been overprotected, that their mental capacity on compact and challenge has shrunk to minimum.  On the other hand, with the boost of human civilization, there is now the sufficient space for human diversity, hence the coexistence of different philosophies, beliefs and behavior. Who can now judge the right or wrong? How can we find a balance between morality and development?

I believe that staff in school, regardless counselor or teacher, holds the same mission as promoting students’ well being. No one shall intend to intervene another person without respect of that person’s own rights.

Because underneath whatever learning we face lies the natural connection between the individuals. We face each other in the different roles, yet also as the same mankind.

And therefore as a supportive professional, before we act out our responsibility of the leading/guiding role, we face the students with our eyes seeing them as the same as us, who also need respect and understanding.

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