Grateful Heart

“Bear a grateful heart for everything in life. The sky is so big, and we are so small. We never know what will happen next, and so why not choose to let go, forgive, respect, appreciate, and embrace?” -Tiffany Leung #inspirational #sharing #grateful #sky

This is Us

We enjoy it, because we take it seriously. We take it seriously, because we care. We care, because we love. This is our Life, and this is Us. We Do Love. #inspirational #sharing #life #love

Openness in Heart

“Life is Beautiful. Just Open Our Hearts, and Embrace It.”    -Tiffany Leung At young, I have repeatedly come across with the word “openness” at school or in training, as most educators and mentors stressed the importance of “openness” for a bright and successful future. I was introduced to the different means to enhancing own…

Hiking in Hong Kong: The Beautiful Nature 2

“The nature does have a heart. And it speaks to us in the language of love through the small, and also in this explicit and big way. ” – Tiffany Leung As I mentioned in one of the last blogs, I was hoping to share about the hiking experience I had which gave me much…

Reflecting on 2014, and looking forward to 2015.

“You may not go back to make a new beginning, yet you can always start now to create a new ending.”                – Common Wisdom “Where are you heading off to celebrate?” “Do you have anywhere to go?” “Will you stay until countdown?” These are the questions I have been hearing about on Dec 31, 2014….

 Hiking in Hong Kong: The Beautiful Nature 1

“Traveling a thousand miles is better than reading a thousands books.” – Chinese Idiom A month after a friend visited this place Sai Kung, Hong Kong (photo which inspired me to write about in my blog – Sai Kung, Hong Kong, on Oct 27, 2014), I arrived at the same spot where he took the…