Hiking in Hong Kong: The Beautiful Nature 1

Hiking in Hong Kong_The Beautiful Nature 1
“Traveling a thousand miles is better than reading a thousands books.” – Chinese Idiom
A month after a friend visited this place Sai Kung, Hong Kong (photo which inspired me to write about in my blog – Sai Kung, Hong Kong, on Oct 27, 2014), I arrived at the same spot where he took the breathtaking view.
It is no easy way for one to stand in that spot. Before arriving at the location, I had to literally climb across the hills near the shore with both hands and feet, which was outside my expectation. In one slip, I could fall into the deep ocean.
As a city girl, I may have done a lot of hiking as a child, yet the memories were very soon washed away by the modern and fancy skyscrapers in the explorative teenagehood. In fact I had rarely placed myself at the edge of the wild nature before this happened. And there I finally took a bit of effort of trying, and finally I made it to the front of such scenery.
I listened to the strong sea waves hitting the land, one after and another – the beautiful rhythm.
I watched the blissful created white out of the blue, contrasting with the ever standing soil brown and green – the 3D world class painting.
I felt the soft sun glow showering on my skin, warming my body as well as my heart – the healing sensation.
A beautiful experience I took in, much more than just receiving and enjoying the natural photography. I was actually there to sense it, feel it and explore the many other things.
I hope to share more the bits of the new findings and inspirations with you in the coming sharing.
#inspirational #sharing #nature #hiking #saikung #hongkong #landscape

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