Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2015

Apparently the moon we see during the Mid Autumn Festival 2015 is the largest and the roundest since the last 17 years. Mid Autumn Festival is a festive celebration happening mostly in the East Asia. Now living in the UK, I still feel like home. As I look up, I see the same moon as viewed…

Nature bits

The sunset taken in University of Manchester, England. Nature is beautiful in many ways, in the morning, afternoon and at night; across the forest, ocean and the sky. Have a great morning in the week. Photo taken by smart phone. #uk #manchester #sky #blue #morning #nature #photo #photography #sun #week #sharing

The Hows in Our Lives

The Point of Having Self-inspirational Learning… We are nowadays surrounded by the different means of the self-help/self-empowerment learning. Perhaps it is big as a talk/workshop, or small as a reading, or even a poster/post, or in the different creative forms as a you-tube video, a picture from the online social platform. In my journey of…

Man in the Nature

We climb onto the mountain thinking that we can conquer nature. And standing at the top of the mountain, we only realize how small we actually are. Explore on our surrounding. Get close to the nature. We can be more inspired than we think we are. #nature #mountain #green #inspirational #sharing #life

Have a Good Day

Good Morning everyone. May you have a beautiful week ahead. The world is beautiful. So are our lives. Photo taken in Guangdong, China. #nature   #life   #photo   #photography  #sharing#waterfall   #water

Nature Empowers Us.

Love our Nature. Treasure our World. We are blessed to have such beauty in our lives. The power of nature is completely uncontrolled by the human beings, and that is what we should learn to let go of, and let its beauty surround us. Photo taken in Guangdong, China. #nature #life #waterfall #green