School Memories


*School Memories*

Especially after we begin working, we would miss the most the beauty of our school time.

The primary and secondary school years.
The summer vacations.
The public exams.

Those number years in our lives are the time when we grow and change the most from a child to a teenager, then an adolescent turning into an adult.

We remember the laughters shared.
The sweat left on the sports field.
Tears fallen for the others.
An anxious peak at first love.
The pranks made.
Naps we accidentally took in class…

So much lost as we left such place, and so much more we have gained. We have left before the most carefree spirits, and treasure these beautiful friendships and love we often rarely find in the adult world.

No matter we love it or not, school life is home to the many memories in which we shape our identity, personality. It has helped shape us into who we are today.

To me, school time is something I do not want to recall, as it may refer to the past immaturity and mistakes. Yet I choose to face it, remember it, and connect it with the current me.

I share this feeling with you all.

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