Interesting Human Art


Art can be represented in the different forms.

From the development of projecting the objective reality, to the creation of own subjectivity, and then moving towards the relative reality among different forms of subjectivity, art has a creative role on representing how we perceive the reality – is there one? And where does our subjectivity sit – is it true?

I am often amazed by the modern art, as the artists make use of our familiar objects from the reality to recreate their own visions of subjectivity. The boundless creativity on top of the structural objective reality.

I relate such sense of balance in between subjectivity with reality to my daily life.

What is the truth? What is personal view? It is our own experience on such exploration.

May you all have a good week.

Photo taken in Whitworth Gallery, Manchester.

#art #objective #reality #subjectivity #creation #creative #creativity



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