Treasure the Small Things

Treasure the small things in life. They can be some of the biggest sources of power in your life. #treasure #source #power #life #inspirational #empowerment #flower #nature #beautiful #photo #photography

What is Our Quality of Life?

Lifestyles and pace of living differ across the different cultures. While I was traveling in the Mediterranean region, I was amazed by the people’s relaxing and lay back lifestyle especially in the summertime. During a day, people enjoy a large variety of food made out of the freshest local ingredients – seafood, vegetables, and fruits, wine, etc….

How to Progress from Self-Reflection

Self-reflection has an important part on developing our personal and professional selves. Interestingly we often overlook such value unless confronted with mistakes or obstacles,  then we finally turn to ourselves – why me? Everyone does self-reflect at a certain level, especially when relating to the others. We are all somewhat different from one another, and…