Just be Ourselves in Love

Sometimes we think that we can only love by doing what should be right.
We try hard to change in order to be liked by the other.
We try hard to behave according to the other’s pattern.
However, without realizing, we may get tired of loving.
We tell ourselves we just fall out of love.
We are busy searching for the ‘why’ from the other, we miss the fact that the reason comes from our own ‘self’.
We are trapped in the illusion of love created by ourselves.
When we are busy letting the others accept us, we at the same time reject the chances for them to know our ‘real selves’.
When we are busy fitting in others’ expectations and habits, we begin to lose ourselves.
To be able to love means we love the others as well as ourselves.
We believe in being ourselves, and be open to others’ honest feelings towards us.
We are comfortable with own thoughts and actions, and welcome others’ natural responses.
Then perhaps we will be more amazed by others’ acceptance to our real selves.
Love does not just mean perfectness and righteousness. We can allow it to be flawed yet real and meaningful itself.
Just be ourselves. It is a way for us to love someone too.
#love #relationship #self #inspirational #sharing #selfcare #daily #quote

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